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Health Insurance – A saviour from Hospital Bills!

There are many people in India, who do not have health insurance policy. Government gave few schemes for the poor and to take care of their health, other segment of people who are middle class and not eligible for the government schemes lack with insurance policies.
Many people will have a corporate insurance coverage while working for a company, but once they leave the organization or change the job, the policy will get expired as the company removes the employee from the list of insurance. Few people might be aware of this, but few do not. Here if the person joins immediately in another corporate and if they also provide insurance, then it is fine.
But, if the person did not join any company or if the company did not provide insurance coverage, the problem is that your security is in risk. If some unforeseen sequence happens and you fell ill or sick, then you need medical assistance and as we all aware about the health care sector and how expensive it is in today’s world.

All our savings are gone to the hospitals.
Even if you have a fever, the hospitals may make you does minimum if 6 tests and 3days hospitalization and tell you that it is a viral fever. But this whole process costs you a minimum of Rs.60,000/-. How painful is this?

The pain is suffering from health and one more pain is paying the bills for hospital. A financial assistance is always needed for your health as the sector is very expensive and we cannot take a chance in our health related issue.
Here comes your Health Insurance policy, which safeguards you in terms of financial assistance at your hospitalization.

So, please be sure and ensure to take a health insurance policy for every person.

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